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Friday, March 07, 2008

When Leftists attack

Michelle Malkin has a whole list of Leftist attacks against military recruiters. It's only going to get worse, folks. Why? Because the Democrat American Communist Party supports this kind of action. Some openly, some behind closed doors. But we have one side of American politics run by the barking moonbats, and this is the predictable result.

Also from Malkin, the good guys get a word in.

Still, it's going to get worse. When the attacks against recruiting stations, ROTC buildings and other military areas happened, nary a peep was heard from the mainstream DNC. And more importantly, no one on the Left side of politics did anything to prevent another attack. Nobody spoke out against the attacks. No Leftist did a damn thing to support the military under attack.

And then they wonder why the attacks continued?

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