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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hey, you know what would help with this?


MEXICO CITY — Three U.S. residents and seven other suspects arrested in a deadly shootout just across the border from Texas are members of the powerful Gulf drug cartel, Mexican officials said.

The gunfire, which left three people dead, broke out around noon Monday when Mexican federal agents chased a van full of people carrying assault weapons in the town of Rio Bravo, across the border from Donna, Texas, according to a government statement.

The army and federal police sent reinforcements after the suspects took shelter and
began detonating grenades, Federal Public Safety assistant secretary Jose Patricio Patino told reporters Tuesday.

This might just tie in with my post below - would you like to know one of the best ways to fight the cycle of drugs in our streets?

Stop them from getting to our streets in the first place.

How about building A DAMN FENCE across our Southern border, so that Pedro can't just walk his drugs into this country and to the city of his choice? Hmmmmmmm? Sounds like a good idea to me? And maybe then we can stop the illigal aliens from crossing at will too! Wow, what a concept! Oh, and those terrorists who want to get into this country? Yeah, a fence would slow them down as well! But building a fence would mean that the Federal gummint would have to first grow a set of balls and tell Mexico that if they didn't like the idea of a fence, well, TOO DAMN BAD! Stop exporting your problems into this country!

There are so many reasons to build a fence on the Mexican border that it's not funny. Actually, it hasn't been funny for quite some time. I don't know about you, but the idea of drug cartels with automatic weapons and HAND GRENADES being able to cross our border to push their drugs into this country doesn't exactly fill me with peace and happiness.

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