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Monday, January 07, 2008

The educated ignorant

The Raging_Dave and I are not people to surround ourselves with stupid, ignorant or obtuse people.

I recently received an email from a friend of ours who is highly educated and intelligent. She is a wonderful and giving person, who will support her friends and family to the death. I will also say, she occasionally has "off" moments, that don't happen to the rest of the universe.

The email was about Barack Obama. It stated that he was a *radical muslim* who hides his religious leanings, refused to use the Bible to swear in, but instead used the Koran, and refuses to recite the Pledge of Allegience.

This email further referenced as confirming these *"facts"*.

OK, I went to and searched for Obama and Muslim and found out that it is all a bunch of tripe.

Guys you know how the Raging_Dave gets hot under the collar. At times, I am not much better.
I hit "reply all", not just to the email I received, but the previous sender as well. I sent the following message:

Despite what this letter is saying, I looked on and typed in Obama Muslim. Snopes says this is complete and total BS. Please check your sources before you forward such tripe. Never email me this kind of thing again!!!!"

Here is what kills me folks, one of the people, whom I also know, and believe to be an educated woman, replied that it was correct, and sent me a Snopes link that was about a his *Christian* Church that espouses "the Black Value System, and urges commitment to the Black Community, the Black Family, and the Black Work Ethic".

So, here is where my problems lie...
1- I know these women can read
2- Are they so used to the "liberal media" that they are unable to understand simple context
3- why the HELL are the passing on BOGUS information that is not only *not confirmed* but outright falsified by the source they cite.

I don't get it...
Can *someone, anyone* please explain it to me????


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