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Saturday, January 12, 2008

My favorite medical moments from Puerto Rico

I have a severely herniated disk that needs a discectomy. The surgeon tells me "I will go in and cut out the herniated portion of the disk, and you will be up an walking around the mall that afternoon."

"allergies don't affect the eyes"

a friend of mine is supposed to be go to an optamologist. The appoint was made by someone who does speak Spanish. When she gets to the Dr's office, the nurse starts asking her, in very broken English, how big she wants her boobs.

Same friend goes to her PCP because she suffers from Scyaticia, the Dr only tells her she needs to lose weight. He refuses to do tests, X-rays, MRI's or any other little things like tests.

Different friend goes to the doctor for a Staph infection, all he is willing to give her is Amoxacillin

I am sorry for any spelling errors.

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