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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Via Hot Air.

These politicians don’t support the troops or anything that they are doing. The troops want a victory in Iraq. If nothing else to say that our friends, our comrades who fought beside us and never made it home, did not die in vain. I dont know many Marines like myself, who haven’t had a friend or brother die. Most know several, sometimes too many, who never made it home to the freedom of our great country. And that is a shame. To say that these great men who died for our country did it all for nothing is a travesty and does no honor to their memories.

I am not saying that Republicans are any better, personally I feel that our political party system needs a serious renovation. The way both parties have used the troops as a bargaining tool is personally sickening to me. Using human life as a chip to cash in for political power is disgusting. And thats what they are all doing. It just seems that as of right now the Republicans are the lesser evil in the political nightmare of the war.

I've been watching the train-wreck of a Congress with something approaching horror mixed with nausea. I don't know whether to scream myself hoarse or just vomit for hours on end. There is a real war going on, with real people and real consequences, and yet all Congress can think about is how much pork they can pull out of our tax dollars, or how many seats they can win by using the military as nothing more but political pawns, and if millions of Iraqis have to die, well a sixty-seat majority in Congress is worth it to them!

What's worse, is that with each craven statement they make, more people will die. The terrorists know that if they kill enough people in spectacular fashion, the Democrat American Communist Party will fold like a house of cards and run away, JUST LIKE THEY'VE DONE IN THE PAST. It seems that while modern Americans cannot learn from history to save their lives, the enemy can, and does learn. All they have to do is look at who is in power, and what they've done in the past. Run away. Surrender. Run away. Surrender. Capitulate, give up, and abandon allies.

That's all the Democrat American Communist Party is good for.

So the Senate passed the surrender bill tonight. Bush had damn well better veto it, otherwise more people will die and nobody in their right mind will trust this country at all. And do you know who will do the dying? Not just the Iraqis who are trying to get their country going without allowing Iran to take over.

No, it'll be Americans as well. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen, who will face the onslaught of terrorists hellbent on driving America out of Iraq even quicker, since they already know that they Democrat American Communist Party will do their bidding! And once they're in control of Iraq, and have another base of operations, they'll go after us in our own country. New York City will have to deal with a lot more than what happened on September 11th.

And the fact that there are people out there advocating for our surrender, who just happen to be MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, well, it makes me want to puke. If the people of this country are so craven, such a sniveling pack of cowards and opportunists, then I really wonder if this country is worth defending at all?

If we beg for our own defeat, and willingly accept the death of people who we've told we would protect, what are we good for?

If we surrender at the mere thought of a challenge, and refuse to defend ourselves, do we deserve to exist as a country?

Why should I defend people who refuse to defend themselves?

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