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Monday, April 23, 2007

A day late and a dollar short

when it comes to me remarking on Dingy Harry Reid's comments about how "The war is lost".

I must admit, I haven't blogged on it much because my personal comments when I first read his remarks would have melted your moniters and left blisters on your CPU. Now that I've calmed down a bit, I can give you a small idea of how I feel.

Harry Reid should be tried for treason, for aiding and comforting the enemy. And when he's found guilty, he should be hung from the neck until dead.

Now, before anyone tries to day "But Dave, blah blah blah" just keep in mind that the Democrat American Communist Party is conforming to the terrorist playbook word for word. I don't care of they're doing it on purpose or not. A smart person would look at their actions, say to themself "Self, we seem to be doing just what the terrorists want us to do" and change their course of actions.

The American Communist Party isn't doing that. It's like they're reading straight out of Al Queda's plans and putting them into action. And while I often say that Congresscritters have an ambient room-temp IQ, there has to be a few people smart enough to tap them on the shoulder and say "Uh, senator, perhaps you need to rethink what you're going".

So what all of this tells me is that the Democrat American Communist Party knows the damage that they're doing, and they don't care because political victory is more important to them than the survival of this nation. They have tied the War on Terror to President Bush, and in order to hurt the President, they're going to lose the war.

It's Viet Nam all over again, in the sense that the Democrat American Communist Party is working for all it's worth to ensure an American military defeat.

And that, my friends, is treason. Dingy Harry Reid needs to be charged with it. Expelled out of the country, or hung for his actions.

There, I managed to type all of this without calling Reid a smeared shit-stain on the discarded underwear of humanity.


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