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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Professor threatens herself

What a bizarre world we inhabit.

Sheriff's investigators arrested and charged a Calhoun Community College instructor (Penelope Blankenship) with making a terrorist threat against herself following the Virginia Tech massacre.

She's accused of leaving threatening voice mail messages against herself. The messages made reference to Monday's Virginia Tech massacre, saying "you next," according to a campus police report.

Campus police also received a threatening phone call in connection with the same incident.

The caller was initially identified as a former student of Blankenship's, but further investigation indicated that the calls came from Blankenship herself, through Calhoun's switchboard to campus security and to her own voice mail, investigators said.
Irony: Blankenship is a Criminal Justice instructor.

More irony, from the Calhoun CC website:

Showing the students how to print a suspect? LOL

And lastly, just a bit more irony from Blankenship's page:

"Experience", indeed. As for sharing stories, she'll have a doozie for next semester.

AP Wire | 04/21/2007 | Calhoun instructor accused of threatening voice mail

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