Day by Day

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I am Jack's aching back

So anyways, I'm on the Post Chapel's flag football team. Just a nice game of friendly flag football. We haven't lost a game yet.

Now, for those who might be unfamiliar with military flag football teams, here's a clue: Yeah, the quarterback, running back and recievers have flags, and you pull a flag to "down" them. All nice and friendly.

But the lines, both offense and defense? Yeah, we wear flags, but only in case we actually catch the ball. Otherwise, we might as well be in pads, because we're slamming against each other with wild abandon. We're not playing "flag" football, we're just playing football without the protective equipment.

The last game we had, I was on the offensive line, but the defense was having problems containing the quarterback. So I switched lines and someone else took my place on offense. I'm better at chasing people than blocking people anyways. We were playing the ROTC team, and I figured I could get into the QB's head pretty easily. I'd line up and start growling at the other line. I'd wait till they were set and then suddenly move over to a gap and scream at them. I'd chase the QB while screaming my head off the whole time. No words, just a hellish scream that didn't stop until he was down or had thrown the ball. Our defensive ends are pretty quick, so while I couldn't quite run the QB down I could flush him right to my ends, and they'd pop his flags. We got a goal-line stop, and afterwards I was on the sidelines hollaring "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" at the top of my lungs. All in all, it was a chance for me to completely lose my head and have a good time while doing so. I started getting double teamed, and if I couldn't just blast my way through them, I'd juke 'em out of their shoes and chase the QB anyways. We won the game, and I had a ball.

My shoulders and back are killing me right now. If they could speak, they would be saying "YOU DUMB SON-OF-A-BITCH! YOU'RE NOT TWENTY ANYMORE!" I woke up yesterday morning, and my knees were sitting on my nightstand, drinking a cup of coffee and asking "So, really, how old do you think you are? C'mon, can you give me a ballpark guess?" The entire house smells of Salonpas and Tiger Balm, because I've been slathered in them for two days.

And I'm going to do it all over again Monday. Oh yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment.

Anyways, here are a few stories that caught my eye: The Stock Market hits a four-and-a-half year high.

Just keep that in mind when the Dimocrats try to say that Bush's tax cuts are wrecking the economy. Remember, it's socialist schemes like the ones espoused by the Dimocrats that kill the economy.

And Captain Ed has one hell of an asswhuppin for Joe Biden. There isn't just one part I can quote so head on over and read it all. I will give you this statement which I agree with completely.

And in this last question, we have exactly the reason why Biden and his political allies cannot ever take charge of American security. Both of his priorities reflect a fundamental misjudgment about the nature of war, the nature of this war, and the nature of our enemy.

Oh yeah.