Day by Day

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Democrats Frantic - Question Their Own Patriotism

The idea of holding up a vet like Murtha and using him as a shield to deflect critism over the traitorous attempt at instituting the policy of cutting and running in Iraq may have sounded fabulous in the echo chambers of the left, but when we forced them to put their vote where their big fat traitorous mouths have been since about the time our soldiers set foot on Iraqi soil in Operation Iraqi Freedom, they:
1) Claimed there wasn't enough time to debate what they've been clamoring for all along. During that time they've done nothing but bitch about what a mistake the liberation of the Iraqi people was and when pressed for their suggestions on how to fix it, they claim Bush and Republicans "broke it" so we "bought it". In other words, "Fuck the Iraqis and our troops, figure it out yourself. Besides we don't have anything constructive to offer anyway."
2) Claimed they didn't want to cut and run after all. Claimed Murtha just wanted to debate. Yeah. That's why he proposed a fucking resolution in congress calling for the end to military deployment in Iraq. Again. This is after years of braying about how all was lost in Iraq ("QUAGMIRE"), and how they regret their votes, and how we "can't win in Iraq militarily" (Murtha). BUT NO! They weren't REALLY calling for immediate withdrawal. Idiots. They are so invested in our failure in Iraq that they have been reduced to demanding it, because they know damned well at this point that it isn't going to happen without some sabotage on their part.
4) And, of course, they claim we are questioning their patriotism. You don't even have to question their patriotism to question their patriotism. You just have to read the statements a Marine Reservist responding to the call for immediate withdrawal out loud in the House of Representatives like Representative Jean Schmidt (R-OH) did when she relayed a message from Marine Corps Reserve Colonel Danny Bubp. Watch the vid to hear the donks erupt in brays when she repeats Danny's words, "Cowards cut and run, Marines never do." Remember, these are the same idiots that say now that they weren't calling for cut and run. Yet when words spoken equate anyone who would advocate that with being a coward, they go ape shit. Must have hit pretty close to the mark to get 'em all riled up like that. Actions speak louder than words, jackasses. Amazingly, this IS their new defense. Pointing out that they advocate cutting and running is just the same as questioning their patriotism. How about pointing out the lies that Cindy Sheehan's friend Jimmy Massey (John Kerry Jr.) told about how brutal and nasty the actions of our troops are. That's probably questioning their patriotism too. Wouldn't want to do that, now would we? After all, that would be like....well....saying the President of the United States intentionally lied to take us to war (even though you yourself said the same thing he did or went even further at the time). "Questioning patriotism" is fine as long as it's a Democrat doing the "questioning".

Update: 5) Now they say it's the Republicans who "have brought/are bringing the war home". OH!!!! So politicizing pre-war intelligence and statements that reflected the sentiments of the previous administration in regards to Saddam Hussein's Iraq is "keeping it over there"? Calling for a policy of immediate withdrawal is "keeping it over there"? Cindy Shoehorn chaining herself to the White House fence....keeping it over there? Get the Donks a shovel before they drown in it.