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Monday, November 21, 2005

Diplomatic Relations with Abu Zarqawi

Not that I think John Murtha is a blithering idiot....I do, but let's take him at his word. Let's propose another resolution!

From Murtha's Resolution calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq:

"Section 3 The United States of America shall pursue security and stability in Iraq through diplomacy."

Yes, Democrats actually expect you to take them seriously when it comes to national security. So we shall!!!

As this is your plan, Democrats:

Who shall we negotiate with? Abu Zaraqawi? Feel free to propose a fucking list!

If we are to negotiate, what are YOU (Democrats) willing to give the terrorists you decided to negotiate with? Be precise! Is it whether or not Iraq becomes a stable democracy capable of defending itself from terrorists? Because that is what is on the fucking line right now. That is what our terrorist enemies are killing innocent men women and children, anyone partaking in the political process we've fostered in Iraq, and coalition troops in order to prevent.

What do you expect the terrorists to give up? We should be given some idea of what your vaunted "diplomacy" WILL accomplish! After all, you fault Bush for not laying out to the minute when each and ever single car bomb, or I.E.D. explodes in Iraq, right? We should expect no less from you.

I know you pathetic fucking leftists read this because you occasionally shit into our comments. So here is your chance. Defend this call for allowing "diplomacy" to "secure" and "stabilize" Iraq. Then we can put it to a vote. Just like we did your constant calls for immediate withdrawal from Iraq. You've got bitching down to a fine art, now try playing by the rules you set down for us. You'll fail. We'll rub your noses in it just like we're doing with the 400-3 vote against cutting and running. But you're big blustery Democrats, you're not afraid to back up what you say, right?

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