Day by Day

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And yet the STILL insist that they're "objective"

Because nothing says objective like putting a big black "X" over the Vice-President's face while he's giving a speech, right?

Hey! Stop questioning their patriotism!

And DANEgerus kindly reminds us that this is the same MSM network that titled a .jpg of President Bush "Asshole.jpg".

I said stop questioning their patriotism!

UPDATE: There's a good number of people debating whether or not the "X" that flashed on the VP's face was deliberate or not. Now, I'm not knowledgeable in TV station electronics, so I'm willing to state that yeah, it could have been a mistake. Hell, it could have been nothing more than an electronic glitch that someone with an idea of how things work could explain in two seconds. Michelle Malkin has a good roundup on the subject.

But here's my standpoint: CNN has already shown itself to be biased, to the point of naming a picture of the President and his wife Asshole.jpg on it's news website! I cannot give CNN the benefit of the doubt any longer, because they used up whatever credibility they had a long time ago. They have no laurels to rest on. Their reputation isn't just tattered, it's shredded and soaking in a septic tank right now. Brain Terminal says Never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by incompetence. Good advice, that. However, given the degree of malice that CNN has shown, as well as outright partisanship, until it can be proven that this was indeed a technical glitch, I'm forced to believe that it was a deliberate thing. I'm not discounting the possibility that it was a glitch, but given that both sides of the debate are plausible, I'm siding with the Malice group.