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Thursday, August 21, 2003

VH1's Pop Culture Countdown - Liberal Indoctrination

My wife enjoys the "I love the 80's" and "I love the 70's" series on VH1 and as a result I've seen a few. If you haven't seen either series, here is the formula:
Pick a topic (could be Pac Man, could be a TV personality, TV show, Politician, etc).
Show TV clips and or pictures regarding topic.
Have some fool celebrities give their "thoughts" on the topic.
Move on to next topic.

I tried to forget most of the stuff I saw on "I love the 80's", but I remember the idiot celebs praising a rock star (I think it was "The Boss") for denying Ronald Reagan the use of their song during some event. He was "standing up" to Reagan. What a load!
So tonight I was subjected to listening to "I love the 70's", and the first thing I catch in a discussion of Scooby's Velma "She's so smart." followed by one of the guest celeb morons saying, "She was the Janeane Garofalo of her time." Wait! I thought they said Velma was smart? Next thing is praise for the women's liberation movement. They show a series video clips of burning under garments and marches. In one of the clips the women are carying a large banner that reads "Abortion on Demand" might have even said "Free Abortion on Demand". So the guest cool people say that the women's lib movement was "cool" blah blah blah and the images show "Abortion on Demand"......that's cool? Funny how it became "the right to choose"!!!! Color me infuriated!

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