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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I just can't understand where those silly Conservatives keep getting their wacky ideas about "Liberal media"

Cruz Bustamante is the Lieutenant Governmor of California, and Arnold Schwarzenegger's strongest opposition in the recall race. Michelle Malkin has an excellent column today about Cruz Bustamante's radical racist past. When I say "racist", I'm not talking about the Liberal definition of that word (e.g. not naming hurricanes after black people is "racist"), I'm talking about KKK/skinhead style racist. You see, Bustamante was once a proud member of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (or MEChA), a radical Left Wing Hispanic group with a separatist agenda.

Try to imagine the kinds of headlines and criticism that a white candidate would get if he had been a member of White separatist group in college. Especially one that had publicly let the word "nigger" slip out. How many times would he have to denounce and distance himself from that group? Bustamente hasn't even done that. Will he ever have to? Probably not.

I'm sure that the mainstream media will pick up on this story any minute now (as soon as they are done trying to portray Arnold Schwarzenegger as a "racist" for voting "yes" on Proposition 187).

Any minute now....

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