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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

The UN Bombing and the Honey Pot

Everyone here knows I subscribe to the "Honey Pot" theory of our involvement in Iraq - that the Bush Administration is literally DARING radical Islamists from across the globe to show up in Iraq and get killed.

Am I whistling in the dark? Maybe.

Do I place too much faith in the Bush Administration? Maybe.

Is it a honey pot, and is it working? Maybe:

Within our own country, every potential Howard Dean voter will declare that the U.N. headquarters bombing proves, for all time, that our occupation has failed, can never succeed, should never have been tried, and, anyway, that we're all bad people for disturbing poor, innocent dictators. Then they'll trot out the nonsense that, since Iraq has become a magnet for international terrorists, we've failed on that count, too.

On the contrary. We've taken the War Against Terror to our enemies. It's far better to draw the terrorists out of their holes in the Middle East, where we don't have to read them their rights, than to wait for them to show up in Manhattan again.

I don't like when bloggers instruct me to go read something, but I am going to do it to you.

The New York Post

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