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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Health Care Success Stories

And they ain't coming from the government. Bruce of No Looking Backwards has a post about healthcare clinics that have been popping up at supermarkets, Wal-Marts and other stores around the country. He's also got links to other blogger reactions. It's well worth the read.

Bottom line is this: The free market can provide better healthcare with less cost than the government. And the nanny-statists are shrieking about it for all they're worth.

Piss on 'em all.

UPDATE: I remembered seeing a review of one of those clinics on Instapundit. Found it.

I will never go to a regular doctor for a minor, routine illness again. Sick and wanting an appointment immediately, I went to one of those medical clinics in Wal-Mart. I got in almost immediately, everyone on the staff was extremely friendly, and it only cost $59. Wow. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

I'll have to post something later about clinics like that. But, yeah, later.

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