Day by Day

Thursday, January 17, 2008

As an aside....'s been a long time since we've had Bombay Sapphire in the house. It just hasn't been on our list of things to get, and with our budget if it's not on the list, we' don't buy it. So we have a little bit of spare cash and the Class 6 has a bottle of Bombay.

Which I bought, of course.

And after making a martini (with two olives) I take a sip. And the Ragin' Mrs. is regaled with me damn near yelling:

"Oh god, THAT is what I needed!"

Oh, get that thought out of your head! What, you think I'm going to give you all the graphic details of my personal life? For shame! Those are only available to the paying customers! And since I do all this for free... well.... you're shit outta luck.

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