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Friday, January 18, 2008

Brain Fried

That's me, right now. You ever get to a point where shit just won't process anymore? There's a short circuit up somewhere in that grey matter between your ears, and things aren't working the way they normally should? I don't know what causes it. Overstimulation, perhaps. Overload. Too much stress, too much crap, too much going to one person for too long a time, I don't know but some days I feel as if my brain has melted and leaked out my ears.

I got pulled over yesterday. My fault. I ran a red light. I was sitting there, watching traffic, saw the cross traffic stop, and I hit the gas. I never bothered to actually check the damn light to see if it was green. My brain said "Oh, hey, they're stopping, you can go!" Luckily the nice officer took one look at me and decided to have pity on my red-light running ass. Maybe the fact that I didn't give her any shit helped.

I've also got one hell of a tension headache going on. My back feels like steel cables are pulling everything apart. Yeah, I'm real happy right now.

So sorry for not posting more today. I've been trying to get some projects done and kick-start my brain into working again.

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