Wednesday, March 22, 2023

America has a Democrat problem.

 I know I posted about this some years ago.  5% of all the counties in America made up 95% of all the crime, and of course, those counties are Democrat controlled, Democrat run and Democrat populated.

So I saw this and went "Well, yeah!"

Oklahoma County and Tulsa are two of the 62 counties that were responsible for 56% of America’s murders in 2020. A groundbreaking study by John R. Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center, revealed that “1% of counties have 21% of the population and 42% of the murders” and  “2% of counties contain 31% of the population and 56% of the murders.”

The 1% of bloody red counties include such Democrat strongholds as Philadelphia, New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Dallas, D.C., Miami-Dade, Milwaukee, San Diego, St. Louis, Chicago’s Cook County, L Houston’s Harris County, Detroit’s Wayne County, Memphis’ Shelby County, Pheonix’s Maricopa County, Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County, and many others.

I have to admit, these days when I hear about the murder rate in some city or yet another shooting in a Democrat controlled shithole, I just can't muster up any kind of real outrage.  These people have rejected everything that would make a city livable.  Hell, most of them have rejected God in every kind of meaningful sense, and thus rejected all of the various Christian values that help keep society operating in close contact with each other.

Chicongo might have pulled their head out of their ass long enough to take a breath, based on the fact that they got rid of the bastard son of Groot and Beetlejuice.  But since it's Chicongo, I don't really expect anything to change, and the city will continue to sink into a morass of stupidity, crime and violence.

And should I raise my voice to say that maybe people should turn back to God and stop acting like animals, I'm called a racist.  It's happened plenty of times in the past.  I expect it to continue in the future, because when faced with the reality that these people have created for themselves they don't have any arguments for their life or their behavior.  Therefor the people who point out the problems must be insulted, shouted down and belittled.

I recall a passage in the bible where Jesus instructs his apostles that when they come to a place where people refuse to listen, they should shake the dust of the town off of their sandals and continue on.  That's kind of how I see the cities right now.  My main goal is to prevent the sickness from spreading to where I am.  Secondary is helping them see the problems they've created for themselves.

We'll see how many of them are left after a few years, thanks to the clot shot that they all willingly lined up to take.

Yeah, I've got shit just flying around in my head.  Lots of things going on.

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