Saturday, March 25, 2023

What would you say...

 If there was a thirteen year old girl dressed in slutty clothes gyrating on a stage while men hooted and hollered at her?

You'd probably say some unpleasant words, wouldn't you?  I know I sure as hell would.  And if I were in close proximity to the men who were encouraging a thirteen year old girl to act like a stripper on stage, I might express my distaste in a physical manner.

Now....  with that in mind....

I have no words to describe how revolting it is to see a thirteen year old boy dressed up like a woman gyrating around while men hoot and holler.

What I will say is this:  This is what the groomers want as they push drag and trans and gay gay gay on your kids.  

And I'll add this:  I would bet every cent in my savings that boy has already had sex with grown men.  You can count on it.


Drumwaster said...

A liberal is a person who sees a 14 year-old girl performing a live sex act on stage and wonders whether she is getting paid the minimum wage. -- Irving Kristol

George Mckay said...

I find the entire gay/queer thing disgusting. That makes me a hater I guess. Groomers of same should be denutted, turpentine applied and then set alight. Guess that makes me a hater too.

Seeing the pattern here? We find abhorrent behavior - vile and disgusting and WE are the "evil ones"? I say to hell with that shit.