Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Well, crap

My computer is refusing to recognize the charger.  Meaning, it's not charging.  The computer itself is over two years old.

I'm about to just go get a new one.  And it won't be a fucking Dell, because I refuse to deal with pieces of shit that don't work.  I've already sent this one back multiple times to get fixed.  Apparently there's always something else coming up that's a problem.  I know technology companies like to build crap like that into their programs, and I refuse to buy another hunk of shit from a company that I've already given plenty of money to for a product that's not working.

I didn't need this shit today.

At least I have a cheap Chromebook that works, so I can do the shit I need to do.  But dammit, typing on this thing requires me to reprogram my fingers.


George Mckay said...

I had an HP laptop that I loved. Worked well and did all I wanted it to. Unfortunately I allowed myself to fall for the Microsoft trap. It had Win 7 on it and Win 10 update was "supposed" to fit and work on it.

After much consternation and cussing the damn thing finally croaked. I mean it COOKED the CPU!!!

I use a Acer Chromebook and it works fine, is far faster than the windoze version and that is enough for me.....did I say that Chromebooks were much cheaper than windoze versions???? Faster, cheaper and much more reliable??? Whats to wonder???

pigpen51 said...

I have had nothing but problems with my Dell and chargers. I replaced the battery, only then to have the charger to die a month later. I tried to get away on the cheap with a non brand replacement. No go, I had to spring for the brand name Dell charger. I lucked out and had a computer repair store in town that had a new one for only 20 bucks.
This is the last Dell for me, also. I have had Chromebooks in the past, and I like them for some things, but I like a PC for others.

Linda Fox said...

I had a Dell. Same problem as you describe. I replaced it with a Samsung, which has been working nonstop for months with no problems. Cheaper, and better.