Tuesday, February 07, 2023

The pampered perfumed princes of the puzzle palace keep stepping on their dicks

 Which is amazing when you consider that they have dicks the size of a stack of dimes that are thirty cents tall.

The identity of the senior defense official could signal whether the Pentagon is also helping Biden combat the public relations crisis over the balloon. A Pentagon spokesperson denied the Washington Free Beacon’s request to identify the senior official, or say whether the individual is a political appointee or career employee.

“As the briefing was conducted on background, we are only attributing remarks to a senior defense [official] and senior military officials,” a Pentagon spokesperson told the Free Beacon.

Let's not forget that there was NOBODY held accountable for the debacle in Afghanistan, where we not only ran away like a group of little schoolgirls, but we also left behind BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars worth of equipment.

Equipment that Russia is now purchasing from the Taliban, might I add.

So yeah, we have cheese-dicked mealy-mouthed pieces of shit in the Pentagon, all of them working for someone else other than the USA, and when they come out and lie to try to help Joe Biden because they're all political cocksuckers waiting for their next star and they know they have to show fealty to the Marxist assholes in charge, and holy crap this is a run-on sentence, then they're going to continue doing what they've been doing for years and that's lie, cover up, and not admit anything.

Which might be a cute slogan for a highschool gang, but not so fucking cute when it's people who are supposedly held to a higher standard.  People who are supposed to be protecting this country, not sucking the dicks of whoever is in the White House.

I think this guy says what I wanted to say, only he managed to keep his rage controlled enough to write eloquently.

There are no good words to describe how bad the damage is to our military and national defense. As bad as we think it is, I suspect it is even worse than we realize at this time.

The military leadership that failed to detect or take action to prevent the unprecedented overflight should all suck-start their sidearms and apologize to their ancestors in person. The civil leadership that did the same should also go apologize to theirs in person as well.

Do go read the whole thing.  There are some pertinent questions being asked, and no good answers.

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