Sunday, February 05, 2023

Did the Military Violate Religious Rights During the Mandate?

Someone asked me if I was going to stay in now that the mandate was lifted.

Fuck no I'm not.  I don't trust the "leadership" of the military.  Not at all.

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MSG Grumpy said...

My Family has always served.
My Grandfather served in the Pacific in WWII
My Father served during the Korean war
My Brother Served in the Army
I served 25 years through three Desert wars, Afghanistan and Iraq...
At one time I thought my proudest moment would be when my Son would serve,
That fantasy has Died, I have told my Son, and all of his friends and fellow parents to avoid our current corrupted military at all costs...
Fast Food and digging ditches has more pride and better management than our Armed Services...
May God Have Mercy on this Nation.