Tuesday, December 06, 2022

No wonder Democrats are so pissed

 Elon Musk is finally kicking the pedos off of Twitter.

Many have even declared their resolve to leave Twitter because they cannot coexist with the evil Right Wingers who have been let back on the platform. What they won’t tell you is that they were perfectly fine sharing the platform not only with evildoers like the Taliban and the Iranian government, but also with a flourishing trade in child pornography.

Under Elon Musk that has all changed. For the first time in Twitter’s history the company is actually on a crusade to eliminate the trade and kick the child molesters off the platform.

Twitter was (is?) a cesspool.  Has been for years.  And it was a cesspool because it was run and controlled by Leftist/Progressive shitlibs who ran it they way they felt the world should work.  Apparently that included allowing child molesters to run rampant and share vids and images of their evil.  Musk took over, looked at all that and said "Nope right the fuck off with that shit."

Musk has instituted a zero tolerance policy for child exploitation, and the effort has been achieving his goal. Given the prevalence of pedophilia among a large segment of our Elite™, perhaps this is what bothers them so much.

I guarantee that's a huge part of it.  Their deviant little playpen just got taken away from them, and now their stomping their feet and threatening to hold their breath until their face turns blue.  Not that the average joe would mind if they died of hypoxia.

For context, one previous report showed the platform removed as many as approximately 57,000 profiles in one month before Musk’s acquisition compared to the 44,000 removed in a single day.

See what happens when you actually put your mind to something?

Say what you will about Musk.  Say what you will about Twitter.  The removal of pedos, child molesters and kiddy porn sellers is only a good thing in my book.  

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George Mckay said...

Pedos and child molesters deserve far worse than ban on a social network. Even serious jail time is not enough.

I can tolerate a lot of shit and have over the years but, I cannot and WILL NOT tolerate or accept any kind of child molesting, kiddie porn or such vile shit.

Any person who spews this kind of shit should - no MUST BE not only vilified but, imprisoned and castrated. They have no real balls anyway so this is no serious loss to the earth.

Furthermore, if you try to poo-poo this by saying they have "rights" then you deserve the same fate. To condone these vile acts against those who can least defend themselves from it is reprehensible.

Ok, did I go over the top?