Friday, December 09, 2022

LTC Christopher Shilling needs to be removed from the military service

 Today.  Actually, it should have happened yesterday.

A Facebook post from a New Jersey mom complaining about sexual preference posters at her child’s elementary school prompted a shocking response from the US military.

A high-ranking US military official was called on to resign Wednesday after he responded to a Facebook post by Angela Reading, a mother and member of the Northern Burlington Board of Education, flagging her to local police for exhibiting what he described as “safety concerns.”

Lt. Col. Christopher Schilling of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, which is nearby, apparently took issue with Reading’s post alerting parents in a local Facebook group of posters hanging at the entrance of her 7-year-old’s school displaying different kinds of sexuality, including the virtues of being “polysexual.”

So a mom goes on fecesbook to ask why a school is teaching her seven year old child about sex, and a military officer notifies the local police about it?

What.  The.  Actual.  Fuck!

You know, the military brass isn't exactly covering itself in glory lately, so let's just add a cherry onto that shit sundae by allowing a field-grade officer to harass the local parents when they object to sexualized garbage in their elementary school  What an asshat.  

Shit like this is why I need to retire pronto.  I'd shove my foot so far up that blithering idiot's ass that he'd be tasting boot leather for a month.


Paul Chappell said...

Been a long time since I was in, but I seem to remember the official policy being "No Politics on Post" which included any public pronouncements or campaigning by commissioned officers as they were considered to be "always on duty"... Guess that was another thing that changed from the early 90's...

Ragin' Dave said...

That is exactly how it's supposed to be. The fact that we have field grade officers jumping into crap like this is an indictment of the entire leadership selection process.

pigpen51 said...

The military leadership has become more and more political, the older I get. The higher they rise in rank, the more you can bet that they have learned to play the game.
No doubt that this system existed even in the days of Ike and Gen. Macarthur. The biggest difference with them is that they were actually competent military officers, who had climbed the ladder the right way, by leading men in battle.

skybill said...

Hi Bubba,
Just wonderin'?... "How long did it take for this joker to make LTC, how long has he been in the Army and how long has he espoused ideas like this????" 'Doesn't really matter, he did "NOW!!!" OUT LOUD and in public!!! Well, we shall see??
Personally I hang out in "Red Neck Country Bars," Drink Bud Light n' Jim Beam, and my local ambiance is "Conservative!!" Also, there is a Baptist Church every mile and a half down any country road,,,, Mr. Schilling would not be very well liked among our populace!!!!!
We'll be watchin' Mr. Shillin'..... 'wonder how long it will take the comturds to try to sink this story down the ol' rabbit hole of obscurity???
We shall see.......

GOT GUNZ.......... "OUTLAW!!!!"
(Note: no question mark above.... because...,
to praphrase the Cheshire Cat "you know who he is"...)

We're all "OUTLAW'S now....... You know!!!!,