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Friday, January 28, 2022

The Biden Junta tries to to take out an enemy

 Now, full disclosure here, I'm against monoclonal antibodies.  The utilize aborted fetal cells in the process of making them, and I wouldn't take them if you paid me.  Sorry, but just like Jorge Bergoglio isn't pope, these treatments are NOT good for your soul.

However, I understand that not everybody has the same theology, so let's set the theology aside for just a bit and take a look at this from a purely scientific angle.  And that angle is simple:  Joe Biden's puppet masters are trying to take down Ron DeSantis yet again.

Is Joe Biden trying to top the vile, cruel record of blue-state governors such as New York's Andrew Cuomo, who seeded COVID patients into the nursing homes?

It sure looks like it, given his strange, sudden, and absolute shutdown of monoclonal antibody treatments on patients who are being successfully treated with the therapy in Florida.  For vulnerable, sick people waiting in line for it, including those right up to the date of scheduled treatment, tough luck — go to the back of the line, and see if you can find some other treatment, and hope your COVID does not progress to the morgue.

If I were Ron DeSantis, I would issue an executive order that everybody who wants it can have Ivermectin right now, and I mean now not tomorrow.  If I could get it into people's hands yesterday I would.

Any organization that takes action against a doctor for prescribing Ivermectin loses the ability to operate in the state.  Period.  If some Biden-supporting doctors group tries to censure or punish an MD for prescribing Ivermectin, they're out of the state.  

As for Joe Biden and his puppet masters, they know what they're doing.  They know that people are going to suffer and die.  They know that the actions they're taking to hurt DeSantis will kill people.

And they're happy about it.  And their lapdogs in the media will cover for them, and they know that too.  How many times do I have to tell you:  Democrats hate you and want you to die.  So Joe Biden and his puppet masters get to kill a whole bunch of them red-state yahoos and possibly make DeSantis look bad in the process?  It's a win-win for them.

And Civil War 2 just keeps coming.

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