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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Data is key, and every part of the Government has been censoring actual data.

 Call it for what it is.

But all of the things that did and didn't work in hospitals, along with the comorbid factors to evaluate them, would have been laid on the table within weeks and, I'll bet, a huge percentage of those who died would not have, never mind the institutions (like one here) that has managed to slaughter over 90% of ***** admissions from June to the end of 2021 without a peep being issued by anyone, like our Governor or Mayor, for example, about what is obviously a ridiculously bad record and which should have long ago drawn a crap-ton of scrutiny on their protocol(s) being used or not.

This deliberate misinformation by our government and health care actors was not a mistake.

It was a highly profitable enterprise and thus can reasonably be called murder-for-hire.

I have no problem with the statement that the US Government and all it's apparatchiks have deliberately with-held information that could have saved lives, in the interest of pushing a vaccine that does not work, in order to increase their own personal portfolios.  

And that's the least horrible thing I can say about them.  It only gets worse from there.  It is either a combination of arrogance, greed, narcissism and abuse, or it's worse than that.  There are no good options.

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