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Monday, January 24, 2022

"Pro-Choice Catholics" are not really Catholic

 Oh, they might think of themselves as Catholic because of how the Church has failed to properly teach it's values over the past fifty-plus years, but you cannot be pro-abortion and be Catholic.  The two are diametrically opposed.

Using a projector located across the street, Catholics for Choice illuminated the facade of the basilica with messages such as “Pro-choice Catholics you are not alone,” “Stop stigmatizing; Start listening,” “Mi cuerpo, mi decision” (“My body, my decision” in Spanish) and the words “Pro-choice Catholics” within a Christian cross, Religion News Service reported.

Another projection stated, “1 in 4 abortion patients is Catholic.” (In 2014, the Guttmacher Institute reported that 24 percent of women who obtain abortions identify as Catholic.)

The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is wrong.  Period.  It is evil  It is the murder of the most innocent life.  Only in cases where the health of the mother is in dire peril could a Catholic even conceive of having an abortion, and there's a lot of debate as to whether or not that would even qualify as an abortion.  If you do NOT want to kill a child but the doctor says if you don't have this procedure you will die, can you really call that an abortion?  

And let's be honest, the above scenario accounts for less than 1% of all the killings taking place in America and around the world.  I'd be willing to say far, far less than 1%.

So what's all the rest?  The rest is people killing babies in the womb because they are inconvenient.  

That's evil.  To wipe out an innocent life just because it might inconvenience your clubbing and fucking?

There is not a single Catholic bishop who will publicly proclaim that abortion is OK and fine.  Not even the most satanically possessed bishop (and there are quite a few of them out there) are willing to go that far because they know the moment they do, they're outed as false bishops and the money and power and prestige and sex come to a halt.  THAT is how strong the doctrine of the Church is.  THAT is how concrete the love of life is in the Church.  Even the homo-predator bishops who openly worship Satan cannot go against it. (I'm looking at you, Cupich).

So here we have this group, the self-proclaimed "Catholics for Choice".  I'm willing to accept that there are quite a few people who believe they are Catholic in this group.  They are grossly misled, completely blind to the truth, and working for Satan as they push their vile pro-murder ideology, but they have been led astray by people within the Church itself, those same satanic bishops and priests who have taken the Church from the massive congregation worshipping God that it was in the 1950's to the feeble, confused, shrinking congregation that we have now after fifty-plus years of Vatican 2.  We have a majority of Catholics who do not believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ on the alter. which is one of the keys to Catholic theology.  That Christ is present in the Eucharist, body, soul and divinity.  If you think you're Catholic and you don't believe that Christ is present at every Mass, then you have been led astray by the same satanic minions who pull you into a hallway and whisper into your ear that abortion is just fine.

And then there are the people who know exactly what they are doing.  People who weren't just led astray, these are the people doing the leading, pulling souls away from the Church and sending them to hell.  These people know that they're not Catholic but they don't care, they have a mission from satan and they're going to carry it out.  People who love this world and not the next.  

This "Catholics for Choice" group is a mix of both people.  The willfully satanic and those led astray.  But here's the problem for the stray sheep - at some point, it's been pointed out to them that abortion is wrong and the Church's teaching has never changed on that.  Like I said, that truth is so strong that the most satanic bishop cannot go against it.  The Archbishop of D.C. Wilton Gregory, who was made a bishop by an actual practicing Satanist from Chicago. put out a statement after the Catholics for Choice stunt:

“The true voice of the Church was only to be found within The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception last evening,” the statement read. “There, people prayed and offered the Eucharist asking God to restore a true reverence for all human life. Those whose antics projected words on the outside of the church building demonstrated by those pranks that they really are external to the Church and they did so at night – John 13:30.”

Catholics for Choice may think they're actually Catholic, but any look at their actions in comparison with the Church doctrine proves that they are not.  Nobody who advocates for killing babies in the womb can truly be Catholic.  You cannot claim to be a member of a church who teaches that abortion is always wrong while advocating for abortion.  

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MSG Grumpy said...

My favorite question _
(especially for those who claim to be believers)
And one that while I have been given a lot of abuse and insults,
I have NEVER gotten an answer:

"If your Morals allow you to kill the most Innocent among us,
What exactly does your Morals stop you from doing?"

Corollary to the first question is the second question that remains unanswered:

"If a government allows the killing of Innocents,
Why do you think they would bother to protect You?"

MSG Grumpy