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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Shit just got real, not that I hear

 Air Traffic Controller walking in Jacksonville due to the jab mandate.

Jacksonville Center ATC controllers walked out last night over the vaccine mandate. Shut the whole thing down. Total disaster for us and other airlines. Total news blackout, be sure you spread the word.

650 flights canceled so far. Our operation is still unraveling.

The pilots haven’t started to fight yet. That’s coming.

And the news blackout on it is pretty much complete, but you can't stop the signal.

TL;DR:  DotGov LIES again to cover a MAJOR airline hub shutdown for hours to avoid mentioning a 'rebellion in the ranks'.  They used THIS weak-assed punk shit:

"A representative for the Federal Aviation Administration told Action News Jax, “Due to a combination of severe weather, active military training in the airspace, and unexpected limited staff at the Jacksonville facility that handles high-altitude, en route traffic, the FAA took steps to safely manage air traffic the evening of Oct. 8. Normal operations returned at approximately 10 p.m.”

Translation:  Shit was shut the fuck down for hours until they could scare up enough ATC's to cover the walkout.

Vox Day took the time to look up that "severe weather", by the way.

And check out the Jacksonville weather report for October 8th. No precipitation, 72 degrees, 5.1 MPH wind. What sort of “severe weather” is that?

Oh yeah, lots of flights shut down with it's in the 70's with no rain and light wind.  Gosh, it just isn't safe to fly in those conditions, is it?

Things will continue to get worse, and thanks to the media blackout, nobody will know until everything comes crashing down on their heads.

UPDATE:  It's hitting Southwest Airlines as well.  Thank god I'm not flying anytime soon.


Drumwaster said...

Yeah, and "active military airspace" in Jacksonville? I mean, it only had two Naval Air Stations and NAVSTA Mayport, with its own carrier, so they've clearly never had to cope with any of that before.

Nope, it was entirely and completely the "unexpected limited staff" that shut things down. Also known as "the blue flu" when cops do it or "wildcat strike" when it is an actual "Norma Rae" walkout (with no planning or prep work, just a collective "we've had it") or one announced a week in advance, just to show the actual influence the workers have.

Angus McThag said...

Show me the NOTAMs!

There weren't any of significance last night.

Ragin' Dave said...

I think we can all agree that the official explanation is absolute crap.