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Friday, June 18, 2021

Well, to be fair, white domestic terrorists DO exist.....

 But they're called "Antifa".  Not whatever garbage this happens to be.

The Democrats’ contention that the biggest threat to the United States here in President Puppet’s America comes from disaffected Trump voters who are trying to revive the Ku Klux Klan is a dangerous lie for a number of reasons, a couple of which I will examine here.

Let us begin with an update on the current state of Democrats’ pathological obsession, which Tyler wrote about earlier this week:

This is all kabuki theater designed to make it easier to shove the Democrat's political opposition into cattle cars.  The January 6th riots are just an excuse to crack down on people the Democrat Party doesn't like.  Meanwhile, Portland's entire Rapid Response Unit just quit, because the Democrats actually love them some white Domestic Terrorists, so long as they are of the Marxist flavor.

You want the cops gone? Deal. Portland’s entire Rapid Response Team, cops who volunteer for riot control duty, voted unanimously to resign on Wednesday, effectively leaving the city in the hands of antifa. The riot cops’ decision follows the criminal indictment of one of their own for assault, stemming from a riot in August 2020, a police source told The Post Millennial.

Portland is going to become even more of a shithole.  We always knew it was possible, sort of like how we always know that there's a chance that your retarded uncle is going to get drunk as a skunk during a family reunion and decide to pull out his pecker and whack it with a hammer.  But knowing such a thing is possible, and watching it happen in real time, are two different things entirely.

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