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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Once more, with feeling

 Democrats hate you and want you to die.

There is no way to “understand” MAGA voters, nor is there is any possibility of reaching political agreement with them. They are beyond the bounds of rational political debate. Those who comprehend how dangerous such delusions are in a democracy must break away from them, not enable them to win elections.

And then this little gem:

There is no longer any reason to try to “understand” these people. Nor should there be any compunction about doing whatever we can to read them out of American politics … They should be considered anathema, as should the entire Republican Party and the modern conservative movement that animates it.

These people would shove me into a cattle car and ship me off to a camp faster than you could blink, if they had the opportunity.  That's why they have such a hard-on for gun control.  Take away people's ability to defend themselves, and the cattle car becomes a real serious option for the Democrat Party as a way of dealing with their political opponents.

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