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Thursday, June 17, 2021

By request:

 Y'all wanted to beat the little Gamma troll when he showed up, so I took your advice, and selected a comment of his to mock for a bit.

This particular dropping was left on the post about Hunter Biden's expiative-laden messages to his lawyer.   This entire comment is a mishmash of gobbledygook pressed together with ignorance and ego.  Let's break it down, shall we?

Weird. Did the President hire his son for the Administration? So does this matter to how the country is run? No.

Non sequitur.  This was about how the media treats Joe Biden with kid gloves while viciously savaging anyone who dares attack the media's political party.  The little gamma troll obviously cannot defend the media's actions, so they attack a strawman.

 As I've said, there are tons of racist and rapist soldiers - if you want this to apply to Biden, then I get to call you a racist and a rapist based on some soldier who raped a girl in Japan in 1985.  Where You Go One, You Are All Rapists.

At this point, all a normal person can do is sigh and shake their head.  The little Gamma troll is so desperately trying to derail the conversation into an area where they feel comfortable - calling Soldiers names.  The Left has been doing this ever since Viet Nam, so by now it's old hat to them.

 Or do you not like having someone be able to erase your entire history, character, and personality simply by overlaying someone else from your cohort on you?

The little Gamma troll obviously don't understand that his ignorant opinion doesn't erase anything.  His hatred of America combined with his stunning ignorance has made him babble and expose himself as, well, a little Gamma troll, who's only purpose in life is to be metaphorically whacked with sticks.

So there you go.  That's just one comment that the little Gamma troll drops like a child dropping doodied on the carpet.  He left another one that was a classic case of projection.  Remember, SJWs always project.

At this point, I would list all the various destruction that the Left has wreaked on society, but he wouldn't learn anything, as facts simply bounce off of his hard noggin.  So if y'all want to educate him in the comments, be my guest.  I'm just going to delete him.  Honestly, it's what he deserves.

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