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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Was going to talk about this today

 We're no longer a republic, we're living in an oligarchy.

But I slept like absolute shit last night, so you can just read it without any commentary.

The American republic was founded in 1776-89 by the people at large, to serve the general interest by mixing the power of sheer numbers with that of states, and with that of a unitary presidency. But over the last century, the increasingly homogeneous set of people who run the republic’s institutions took power out of the hands of the people’s elected representatives pretty much at all levels, and have governed in their own interest rather than in the general population’s. Nobody voted for this, on any level. 

On the contrary: the exercise of coercive powers by and for self-selected elites who claim to know better and who validate one another is the very negation of the constitutional republic within which Americans have lived since 1776. It is oligarchy.

Barry Jug-ears O'Bumblefuck weaponized the Federal Government in ways that would have made Woodrow Wilson and FDR blush with shame.  It's not just an oligarchy, it's a tyrannical one.

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