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Thursday, May 06, 2021

Drooling Joe the Chinese hand puppet is getting worse

 Serious Cognitive Decline.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden promoted the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, which, with a price tag of $28.6 billion, seeks to help restaurants hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic. While speaking, Biden appeared to struggle with reading his prepared remarks off the teleprompter, getting words wrong, running words together, and slurring his speech.

It’s brutal to watch him struggle with basic English. But you can’t really look away.

There's a reason his puppet masters made sure Drooling Joe was hiding in his basement during the election - because if people had seen more of this, they wouldn't have voted for him.  Well, the ones who actually DID vote for him, which wasn't enough for him to win anyways, which is why multiple states had to stop counting votes long enough for more votes to be manufactured.

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