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Monday, May 03, 2021

Joe Biden the drooling Chinese hand puppet is just Barry Jug-ears O'Bumblefuck 2.0

 It's all the same people running the show.

Anita Dunn, a senior adviser to Joe Biden, was interviewed by CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday morning. On State of the Union, it was painfully clear that she is out of practice in doing cable news Sunday morning shows. The interview was a hot mess, to put it bluntly.

Dunn looked to be ill-prepared to answer some really basic questions, questions she surely should have known would arise. She’s no political neophyte, she was acting White House Communications Director from April through November 2009 in the Obama administration. 

As I recall, she got booted after praising Mao Zedong as her favorite "philosopher".  I guess shooting political enemies in the back of the head and murdering over fifty million people counts as a "philosophy" in the Democrat Party, which only lends credence to my multiple statements that Democrats hate you and want you to die.

And this Marxist bint was the "communications director", but if you pull up the speech where she's all fan-girl of Mao and his murderous regime, you'll see she's barely able to get through a speech because she's chewing on her tongue, or at least that's what it looks and sounds like.  Hey, in order to communicate, you have to be able to actually, ya know, COMMUNICATE, right?  But hey, she loves her some Red China Leader, so she's cool with the DNC.  And now she's back in the White House, pulling the strings.  Drooling Joe and the Commie Ho are nothing more than a front.  They're not in charge, and they never were.  There's not a chance in hell they ever actually were going to be running things, and I'm pretty sure they knew it.  

Drooling Joe might be a puppet, but the people pulling his strings aren't stupid.  They're just evil.  And they hate you.  And they want you to die.  Act accordingly.

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