Day by Day

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Random but true



George Mckay said...

Gee Dave, I never DID believe this tripe. All they show you is the caravans walking but, they never show you the busses and trailers they pack these unwanted wretches into.

I have no love for coyotes or whatever they are called. THEY should all be shot and their operations destroyed. Of course that will never happen as long as Bidet runs the shitshow.


Justin_O_Guy said...

Brilliant observation. The nice clothes new luggage, IDK if everyone has a phone, but I see them, and they seem to be charged..
Howbout that?
I was outside, Goin and doing,, and even without sleeping in the desert, and being on such a long camping trip, I was dirtier than than the people I see.

Wouldn't ya Think summa them clothes would fit a little looser on those 250 pounders after a coupla months hiking?