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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

If you voted for Biden, you voted for this

 Democrats own this.  It's all theirs.

Jimmy Hobbs, 75, a farmer on the US who’s property is on the US-Mexico border went out to round his property around 8:30 am and what he found horrified him. 

While driving around his property he found five small girls abandoned after being discarded by the group they were with that illegally entered the county. 

Three of the girls were from Honduras (7 and 2), the two other were from Guatemala and were aged 5 and 11 MONTHS!

The cartels are making millions of dollars trafficking humans across the border, and they don't care if people live or die.  They'll abandon people at the drop of a hat, like these five little girls.  Democrats support this.  Democrats support the cartels making millions of dollars, and nothing they say will disprove that, because their actions are all that anyone needs to see.  Democrats own this.  They are the ones who scrapped the Trump wall, they are the ones who scrapped the "Remain in Mexico" policies, they are the ones who opened the floodgates.  Congratulations, Democrats.  

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