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Sunday, May 09, 2021

You can't say that you did nazi that coming

 Canadian pastor arrested for.......  having Sunday service.

Do you honestly think that it won't happen here?  With the government destroying every Amendment of the Constitution it can, just as fast as it can?  With states already prohibiting worship during the Covidiacy?  

In a just world, every single one of those cops who arrested the pastor would spend the rest of their lives running in fear of a righteous fury from the CITIZENS of a free nation.  But we don't live in a just world, do we?


George Mckay said...

I have a couple of Canadian friends and frankly many of them are fuckin nuts. They think Trudeau is the second coming of Christ. There is little hope for Canada.


Ragin' Dave said...

And we have plenty of people here who think that Drooling Joe is wonderful and not at all senile. When Spicy Times come, I think the first thing that will be burnt to the ground are all the Democrat Media complexes, and they'll deserve it for the way they've done nothing but lie and mislead people.