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Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Woke Military

 At least when Russia and China kick our asses, we can rest assured that we recruited the most woke, pan-sexual, gender non-binary otherkin we could recruit!

In all seriousness folks, this is garbage.  It's a flaming dumpster fire of a recruiting ad for the military.  The military's job is not to be inclusive, it's to kill people and break shit.  And all the pretty little bleach-blond girls who have two mommies don't actually do much of the killing people or breaking shit.  All you have to do is take a good hard look at who can pass the ACFT.  

We can be woke, or we can win wars.  You cannot do both.  Drooling Joe the Chinese hand puppet and his handlers have decided to be woke.

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