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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Minneapolis is burning again

 I say let it burn.  Those areas don't have what it takes to enforce the law.  They don't have the will, they don't have the political fortitude, they don't have the mental ability to stop people from rioting and burning and looting.  So let it burn, baby.  Not one single fucking cent to Minneapolis.  Burn it to the ground, and then laugh at the people who remain.

Is that cruel?  Fuck yes it's cruel.

"But Dave, the majority of the people there aren't rioters!  They don't deserve that!"

True.  But the vast majority of the people there voted for the radical Leftists who run Minneapolis and its suburbs.  They voted for the limp noodle of a mayor, and the Marxist governor.  There's not one single Republican on the city council.  The mayor of Brooklyn Center, where the current crop of "mostly peaceful" riots and looting is going on, just fired the city manager for saying that the cop should get due process.  The guy didn't say the cop was guilty or innocent.  He said the cop should get due process, and for that heinous crime the mayor fired his ass.

Let it burn.  Let it all burn, and then mock the idiots who burned their town down around their ears while they sit in embers and ashes.  Maybe, just maybe, if it's painful enough, people will learn that you don't allow rioters to control everything and everyone.  

Fuck the fucking fuckers.  If I were a home owner anywhere near the toxic shithole of Minneapolis, I'd be spending time on my roof with a scoped rifle, just waiting for the targets rioters to come to me.


Adrienne said...

Just had the convo at breakfast about the city manager defending the rule of law and getting fired. And that's the type of government Bill Brooks is trying to get in Cd'A. NO!!

Adrienne said... glad I escaped from the Twin Cities decades ago. Minnesota "nice?" Oh, hell noes. It's called passive aggressive.

When I moved back briefly in my early 30's from Houston (which has gone down the tubes too), it was like being in a foreign country. Couldn't wait to get out again!

p2 said...

Be green...pick up your brass.

Toastrider said...

Maybe none of our friends are getting shot by the cops because our friends aren't rock stupid, hopped up on drugs, or have warrants for our arrest.

Something to consider.

Ragin' Dave said...

Adrienne - When I visited Ft. Snelling years ago, I enjoyed the Twin Cities as a tourist, But you couldn't pay me to go there these days. Same with Seattle, Portland, or any of the major cities in California. I won't drive through Chicago. At this point, it's safer for me to drive a hundred miles out of my way than drive through a Democrat controlled city.

P2 - reloading is recycling!

Francis W. Porretto said...

We are approaching the point where the cities will be cordoned off -- perhaps with actual physical barriers -- so that the chaos will be confined to them, rather than spreading throughout the surrounding districts. Moreover, that's the less drastic solution to the "protests." The other one is live ammo and free-fire. I'll be writing more about this later today.