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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Drooling Joe and the Commie Ho do what they do

 And by "do what they do", what I mean is that the completely bungle a meeting with one of America's strongest allies.  Of course, when I heard that the drooling puppet was going to meet with the Japanese PM, my first thought was "how are they going to cover up his dementia?"  Apparently, by not allowing Drooling Joe to actually meet with anybody, and putting Heels-Up Harris in a position where she's exposed as a stupid, arrogant bitch without a shred of a clue as to what she needs to do.  Hey, here's an idea - why not have a Vice President who did more than suck off Willy Brown as a way of getting into politics?  It might work out better for the country that way.

Drooling Joe was "under the weather".  Heels-Up Harris was just a disaster as the person to meet PM Suga.  NOBODY MET THE PRIME MINISTER AT THE DOOR!  This is a culture that values RESPECT, and NOBODY MET HIM AT THE FUCKING DOOR?

Yeah.  Tell me again how the drooling fuckwit and his communist whore got the "most votes in history" again?  They can't even meet with an ally without fucking things up.  

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