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Monday, April 12, 2021

Commies gonna commie

 BLM founder buys a million dollar home in Topanga Canyon.

She's actually got five houses, one of them in the Bahamas.  

Folks, this is what commies do.  The commissars of the USSR had their dachas.  The Democrats have their multi-million dollar homes far away from the useful idiots who vote for them (Maxine Waters doesn't even live in the district she "represents").  In a Marxist system, the people in charge get rich while everyone else suffers.  That is actually a damning statement for the (formerly) US of A, given that the people in charge are getting rich while all the rest of us suffer.

BLM the organization has raked in BILLIONS of dollars, and hasn't done a single damn thing for anyone but themselves.  It's a scam.  They haven't helped the black business owners who's shops were burned down.  They haven't said word one about the black men killed by other black men.  They haven't helped a single black life in America other than their own.  They're commies.  Grifters.  This is who they are.  This is what they do.

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