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Thursday, January 28, 2021

I say "No" on a third party

 You kick the shitbags out of the GOP.  Why rebuild what you need, when you can take over an already-existing structure?

Look at the GOP just five years ago and look at it today. Yeah, we have the rump Renfield contingent with tiresome goofs like Mitt (R?-Miracle Whip). We have others who alternate between establishment-curious moderate wimpiness and coming through for us at many key junctures – Susan Collins, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham. But look at what we don’t have – Jeff Flake is gone. Jeb! is a flabby footnote. And as hard as Nikki! is trying to make herself happen, she’s not happening. The GOP has shifted our way – on wars, on culture, on tech, on playing to win. We have earned the support of Americans of all races in unprecedented numbers because we have focused on people who – remember this? – work hard and play by the rules. That’s progress. Not enough, not nearly, but to deny the progress because you are angry only empowers the people you are angry at. We can’t throw out what we have already achieved simply because we have much more work to do. Take the W, people.

Romney will be going when his time is up.  He's going to get primaried, trust me.  More importantly, hit the GOP at the local level, kick the bums who support the RINOs, and watch the RINOs die off.


p2 said...

Primaries, for the most part, mean bupkus. Lisa "Princess" Murkowski (R unless being a D makes her more money - AK) was soundly hammered in a primary, yet ran a very questionable write-in campaign to retain the cushy job her dad appointed her to and won it. Of course she had the apparent help of the State Election Board who decreed anything even resembling an "M" was a vote for her. (My allegation, but I do remember seeing that in print.) Sometimes you gotta raze the whole damn thing and start over new. This is one of those times. The GOP is damaged beyond economical repair and needs to be replaced. Third parties rarely have an impact, granted, but there's a distinct potential to displace the GOP with a new party, therefore rendering the GOP as the third party. I'm all for it, but then I'm all for replacing every damn one of the corrupt, backstabbing, lying deadbeat schmucks in Congress.

Adrienne said...

More importantly, hit the GOP at the local level, kick the bums who support the RINOs, and watch the RINOs die off.

Working hard on that in little ol' PF and Cd'A