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Friday, January 29, 2021

The Uni-Party protects its own

 Shit like this is a huge part of the reason why reddit was screwing with a hedge fund in the first place.  And it's about to get worse.

If all that looks like market manipulation — locking buyers out from purchasing a stock with their own money and of their own free will, therefore causing a price to fall, and helping shore up an overleveraged hedge fund with serious political connections, while telling ordinary people they’d done something they hadn’t — well, you’re not in the uniparty.

Robinhood billed itself as a people’s platform, a way the poor could buy fractional stocks and trade their way into a bit of riches. But it may be that Robinhood has been unmasked as the sheriff of a rotten, rigged system.

The politically connected are allowed to get rich by fucking around on Wall Street, but everybody else can eat a dick?  And the new Treasury Secretary has her fingers in the cookie jar, but she's blocking everyone else from succeeding?  Great message there, dipshits.

According to RealClearPolitics, this move came after Yellen was reportedly “on the phone all day Wednesday talking to key players involved in all aspects of the scandal.”

She has been paid more than $800,000 in speaking fees by Citadel, the hedge fund that bailed out one of the biggest losers in the GameStop buying spree.

But Psaki, responding to a reporter’s question about Yellen’s possible recusal, wouldn’t say one way or the other.

Crap like this is causing people to decide to simply burn everything down.  And I can't really say I blame them.  Credentialed "elites" have been having their way, but when Joe Sixpack does it he gets smacked down?  That puts the whole concept of a free market and a free country as a lie.  Lots of folks been red-pilled this past few weeks.  And I don't know one single person who's worth $800,000 for a speech, or even a bunch of speeches.  Citadel doesn't give a shit about what Janet Yellen had to say, they wanted ACCESS TO POLITICAL POWER, and it looks like they got what they paid for.  Pay to play, baby!  The entire system is corrupt, and it's being exposed in ways it never thought could happen.

I'm popping corn, and waiting for the buildings to start falling down.

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