Day by Day

Monday, January 25, 2021

Some thoughts from a National Guard Soldier at the Capitol right now.

 I'm guessing he's either a senior NCO or junior officer based how he describes things.

Last night I saw probably 2000 riot-prepared soldiers unload from buses and enter the perimeter. This level of military involvement surpasses overreaction, skips past overkill, and pegs “insane.” Whoever ordered this response is completely out of touch with reality.

Well, that describes pretty much everyone in Washington D.C., so there you go.  I should start calling it Capitol City.  We can squabble about what District we're in later.  If you don't get the reference, go borrow your kids (or niece/nephew's) copy of The Hunger Games.  Don't worry, you only need to watch the first one.

May I just say, if you had any respect for the FBI or any belief that it was not a fully partisan organization, you were completely wrong. If there was any “credible intelligence” that there was enough of a threat to require 20,000 national guard troops at the Capitol this past week, then the FBI is completely failing. The fact that the alleged credible evidence was clearly inaccurate tells me that I should not ever trust the FBI with anything I would give a 19-year-old soldier…

The FBI is not interested in actual law enforcement, the FBI is interested in protecting the Democrat Party and advancing the interests of the DNC.