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Tuesday, November 03, 2020

You voted, right?

 Of course you did.  Good.

The Mrs and I vote absentee, being military and away from our home of record.  So we voted a couple of weeks ago.  I spent the day involved with administrative duties away from the office.  I'm working this weekend, so the boss gave me today to go run around and do what needs doing.  Registering the wife's new bike.  Maintenance on a few things.  I have to drive up to Idaho in order to deal with any vehicle stuff, and it's an hour and a half each way.  Tonight I'll be lubing up the guns and loading magazines just in case anyone is stupid enough to get spicy around the Ragin' Castle.  I honestly don't think anything will happen where I live, but never underestimate the hatred and stupidity of Biden voters.

Anyways, Idaho will go for Trump.  Hell, I'm surprised they haven't called it yet.

I hope he manages to beat the margin of fraud everywhere else.

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