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Thursday, November 05, 2020

We can stop pretending that America is anything other than a third-world Banana Republic now

 First world nations have first-world elections.  Every single Democrat-controlled city and state have essentially nullified that status, because first-world elections make it harder to commit fraud.

Of course, those chaotic voting stations are not able to tally the votes in a timely manner, so the count carries on for days in some areas. Back in the days of mechanical voting machines and paper ballots, the vote was counted in hours. If the polls in a state closed at seven, the vote was known by nine. Again, there were exceptions, as nothing is perfect, but they were exceptions. Yesterday’s vote will not be known for weeks and much of it will be decided in the courts.

Now, one big reason for the delay is the people counting the votes need time to rig the results in such a way that makes it hard for the courts to see it. Pennsylvania, for example, is furiously printing up new ballots for people who did not vote. These will be filled out for Biden and other party candidates, then dropped off at post offices around the state so they can be added to the real votes. They now have nine days to make up enough fake ballots to tip the state to Mumbly Joe.

In states like California, general incompetence rules the day. Since most of the voters now are foreign born, the results are known in advance. It’s why no one bothers to campaign in the state. Still, in order to maintain the fiction of democracy they run elections, but it takes them weeks to produce a result. Like everything else about the state, their elections are very third world, which is no surprise as the majority of the population is from primitive societies. Demographics are destiny.

Florida, with it's massive population base and multiple contested races, had the results of their elections counted and tallied before midnight.  But Florida wasn't trying to commit fraud.  Wisconsin is.  Michigan is.  Pennsylvania certainly is.  And that's why they can't count the votes, because they're trying to manufacture the votes they need, and you can't count the votes you haven't manufactured yet.

Rope.  Lamp-post.  Tar and feathers.

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Anonymous said...

"Rope. Lamp-post. Tar and feathers."

Nope. I say we go full medieval; Vlad The Impaler style. Use his later rounded-tip style stake so they live sitting on the cross piece longer while the crows pick `em apart.

Ye. I am that twisted.