Day by Day

Friday, November 06, 2020

Keep. Fighting.

 Even if the squishy, gutless shitbag RINOs won't, you need to keep fighting.

Trump losing is not a bet I would take, given his track record. Complaining to our elected representatives is worthless as most are afraid of their own shadows, preferring pay-to-play from the back benches of Congress in preparation for their future lobbying jobs or board positions.

We as his supporters can’t go wobbly at a time like this. Trump needs our support and prayers as he is the last line between America the Beautiful versus the Peoples’ Republic of Biden. Perhaps this is Pollyannish wishful thinking on my part, but I believe Trump has this.

Turn off cable news, especially Fox News, and take a deep breath. And don’t go wobbly.

The only solid take-aways from election night is that Democrat voter fraud is larger than even I thought possible, and that Fox News has joined CNN and MSNBC as a dumpter fire of idiocy and DNC propaganda.  

Oh, and the United States doesn't even rise to the level of third-world banana republic when it comes to elections.


Tim said...

I gave up on Fox when Roger Ailes retired and Rupert Murdoch son took over.

p2 said...

We need the fully qualified election oversight of the ever heroic Jimmah Carter. Just look what he did for all those other countries! I'm gonna go drink heavily now.....

Ragin' Dave said...

We have one thing going for us. Trump fights.