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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Look at all those Biden voters out there!

 Sucker-punching old men, harassing women and children, violently attacking innocent people...

As the Million MAGA March for Stop the Steal was ending today in D.C., leftist counter-protesters decided to attack older individuals and women after the majority of people had left.

You want a picture of the divide in America right now? You want to have a visual to show people the difference between what a Biden vote gets you versus a Trump vote? This is it. Forget the media. Forget the congressional battles. I don't care what Pelosi or AOC says right now. Let's forget them entirely for the moment.

I know it's not Christian of me, but if someone being attacked were to whip out a pistol and ventilate an entire squad of these Biden voting, anti-American shitstains, I wouldn't feel one iota of sympathy for the deceased.  And were I on the jury when the shooter was tried, I'd find him not guilty on all counts by reason of self-defense and patriotism.

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