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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

And this is another reason why politicians have a lower approval rating that herpes

 Because they do actually think they're the ruling class.  Well, maybe they are in California, where the people of LA and SF beg to be ruled by their masters.  

Yesterday, while 40 California counties moved back into the purple tier (meaning businesses, schools, and churches must be closed or limited), and lockdowns intensified across the nation, 20 supreme, all-powerful lawmakers from 3 states (including lockdown-happy California and Washington) headed to Maui—along with around 100 other people comprised of prominent lobbyists and their families—for a four-day conference at a swanked-out resort.

What's not suspicious at all is that the organizer refuses to release the names of the attendees chopping it up at the posh Fairmont Kea Lani.

We no longer live in a Constitutional Republic.  We now live in a feudal society, where the feudal lords operate with complete immunity to their actions, while the rest of us are hammered flat for minor infractions.  That's not a bug, it's a way for the feudal lords to show their superiority to the serfs and peasants that they rule over.

The massive criminal activity that was the 2020 election shows that even if we have the votes to change things, the Democrat party will just stop the counting until they can manufacture enough votes to get their guy in.

This country is fucked.


Anonymous said...

Make examples of a few, the rest will follow.
Basically like they do to us.

Drumwaster said...

Civil War before 2025... remember, you heard it here first.