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Monday, November 16, 2020

Another Deep State Clown is showing his true colors

 You can't trust a single fucking clown from the DOJ.  Not one.

Unfortunately, it appears Durham successfully ran out the clock. What many have suspected for a long time appears to be true, namely that no one will be held accountable for the corruption of the Trump-Russia investigation. The Federalist, who has covered this saga better than any other news outlet out there, is now reporting that Durham is looking to close up shop, fearing that an incoming Biden administration will retaliate.

We already knew that the FBI is the Democrat Party's goon squad, and now it seems that the entire DOJ was working behind Trump's back to make sure the people who were openly, blatantly, flagrantly violating multiple laws wouldn't see one bit of punishment for their crimes.

Keep in mind that Durham had a near open and shut case against Andrew McCabe, who had admitted multiple times to having lied to the FBI. Instead of pursing that, the DOJ decided not to prosecute. They also failed to act on a criminal referral of James Comey. In the end, the bureaucracy made sure to protect the bureaucracy. This was always about saving face for these agencies, not actually seeking justice.

Some people are shocked.  I'm one of them.  I thought that there might be one honest man in the DOJ that wanted to save whatever credibility that organization had.  I was wrong.  I got suckered.  That won't happen again.


Tim said...

I believe I told all you folks many times not to hold your breath on seeing any justice against democrats in this country. This goes right along with the blatant election steal.

Anonymous said...

Until SOMEONE gets serious about bringing charges and slapping indictments, that result in trials, guilty verdicts and sentences carried out swiftly (meaning hung by the neck until DEAD) this shit is just going to continue unabated.

Ragin' Dave said...

The government protects their own. At least the mask is off.

0007 said...

Sounds as if "Rule 308" is rapidly moving up to become the number one rule.